JustCommunity is a human rights and dispute resolution consultancy with intercultural and interfaith literacy, incorporating therapeutic jurisprudence psychology and restorative justice. Just Community specialises in culturo-legal advice, including to lawyers, courts, Corrections and Police in a range of cases. Some of these services include:

  1. Social support to help members of our community reintegrate back into society through a specialised rehabilitation programme specified to their needs.

  2. Family support plans to equip families with tools to better support a family member through the reintegration and rehabilitation program.

  3. Cultural Institutional support to provide practical and regular rehabilitative guidance and self-reflection processes supported by institutional res.

  4. Scholarly re-education and support to (re-)establish the foundations of sound, healthy, balanced and adaptable beliefs and practice.

  5. Health and wellbeing guidance and support incorporating the use of both traditional and modern medicine systems that are integrated or consistent with the client’s cultural paradigm.

  6. Wraparound support is provided to support the wider rehabilitation and reintegration regime, prevent lapse and ensure the multiple support plans are inclusive of all religious and cultural requirements and individual needs.

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