We address community issues for for real people

We provide professional advice to communities – individuals and groups.

We work in the law – for people.

What we do!

Legal consultation

Think you may have a legal issue? Tell us about you, and let us know how we can help.


We speak to schools and under graduates about life in the law — to inspire them to a life of law.

Therapeutic Jurisprudence

We also provide TJ services. This means harnessing all appropriate processes to tailor the very best outcomes for clients.

Law in the community

We’ll be posting interesting stuff about the law here. Feel free to join the discussion.

A just community – by you

Are you interested in how law can help your community? We are committed to helping build Just Communities.
Whether you’re a lawyer, or just a concerned citizen, we welcome you to join us work to bring people together to build peaceful, resilient, just communities.