On 16 & 17 November this year, a weapons and military expo of 500 of the world’s largest arms dealers will converge on Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour.  Alongside this, the NZ Navy has invited warships and war-makers from across the globe to “celebrate” its 75th birthday. War is nothing to celebrate in our view.

We now live in an age of unparalleled human calamity caused by war — fueled in numerous direct and indirect ways by the arms industries. As many of us know first hand, wars are no longer an isolated offshore phenomenon: we all are, and will, pay for this wholesale destruction of human life one way or another.

Do spread the word once you’ve soaked in this appalling news yourself. While not all of us may regard ourselves as the stereotyped marching protester, there are many ways to make your own ethical stand against the celebration of this phenomenon of war for profit.

For some of us that may include greater awareness of the extent of this reality.

Peace Week is coming up & Parihaka is here!! These events relate directly to the integrity of our nation. Your spirit to meet all the goodwill behind them is much needed!!

Writing today from a beautiful day in peaceful Warkworth, home to the Warkworth Museum which offers a wonderful step back in time to traditions like working machinery, as well as featuring US marine huts from its assistance to NZ during the Japanese invasion of Pacific islands…but…fast-forwarding to 2016:

As you’d have heard, super-war-machines have started hitting (pardon the pun) our shores today — a celebration by the modern super-machines of war, which in this age virtually means sanitised officialised mass destruction — in disregard of international laws principles. SeeWar or Peace? You decide!

SO: below is your Kiwi response: a full smorgasbord of Peace initiatives in response to the week of upcoming war celebrations — just check it all out!!!

Parihaka Event — Auckland Central Library — This Saturday 5th November:

Full program: aucklandpeaceaction.wordpress.com/2016/09/21/parihaka-day-peace-action-conference/

Press release: scoop.co.nz/stories/AK1611/S00002/auckland-honours-parihaka-day.htm

Maori TV: maoritelevision.com/news/regional/auckland-honour-parihaka-day

Auckland Libraries: aucklandlibraries.govt.nz/EN/Events/Events/pages/parihakaday2016.aspx

Parihaka: heritageetal.blogspot.co.nz/2016/10/parihaka.html

Auckland Peace Action Peace Week events 13-20 November

Week of Peace: aucklandpeaceaction.wordpress.com/week-of-peace/

Facebook page for updates: facebook.com/akpeaceaction

An End to Armed Conflict: NZ’s Unique Challenge – An End to Armed Conflict: NZ’s Unique Challenge with Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr Helen Caldicott 15 November 7:30pm at AUT University (also November 13th 7:30pm at St Andrew’s Centre Wellington)

Organised by: The Peace Foundation (Foundation for Peace Studies Aotearoa/New Zealand) — Click here for Flyer.

Registration info online at Peace Foundation website: peace.net.nz/

Navies, Warships, Arms: War and Peace?: From the Perspectives of Faith: with Peace Advocate & Scholar Afroz Ali. 14 November 6pm at University of Otago House, 385 Queen St, 6pm-8pm

Organised by: Religious Diversity Centre — A “Conversazione” — Click here for Flyer.

RSVP: religiousdiversitytrust@gmail.com

Parihaka and Peace: From NZ to Global Lessons of Peaceful Responses to War with Maori Indigenous Rights leader Marama Davidson, Apartheid Veteran and Kiwi Achmat Esau, Aussie Faith Leader Imam Afroz Ali. 16 November 7pm at St Columba Centre. Click here for Flyer.

Organised by: Council of Christians & Muslims, Auckland.

Just War Theory but “just” for whom?: The Dorothy Brown Memorial Lecture 2016 with Dr Jenny Te Paa Dean of Te Rau Kahikatea. Former Chair of International Anglican Peace & Justice Network. Fri 18 November 7:30pm at Holy Trinity Cathedral Auckland. Click here for flyer.

19 November Study Day including a full lineup of guest speakers, 9-5pm, Holy Trinity Cathedral

Father Claude Mostowik, Chair, Pax Christi Australia

Professor Kevin Clements (Director National Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies — NCPACS, Otago University)

Prof Richard Jackson (NCPACS)

Dr Derek Woodard-Lehman (Otago University Theology & Public Issues),

Keith Locke, peace advocate and Green Party MP (Foreign Affairs),

Chris Barfoot & Professor Margaret Bedggood (NZ Human Rights Foundation and Anglican-Franciscan Third Order) — See Just War Flyer March for Peace, Say No to War! A complementary action to the Week of Peace — Saturday 19th: 2pm – 4pm down Queen Street

Organised by: “People for Peace (Contact: Lisa Er / Penny Bright)